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Lago General Carrera
Encircled by rocky, sharp-peaked mountains, this is the second-largest lake in South America. With its craggy, brush-covered shores, turquoise bays, and balmy climate, Chile's largest lake is often compared to the Mediterranean. The surrounding region enjoys a surprisingly warm and sunny microclimate.

Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael Glacier
Stretching beyond the shores of the lagoon are the 1.7 million hectares of national park, of which the eponymous laguna is but a tiny fraction. Almost half this vast area is covered by the immense ice field known as Campo de Hielo Norte which feeds eighteen other glaciers and contains over 250 lakes and lagoons. Towering over the frozen plateau is Monte St. Valentin, which, at over 13,000', is the highest peak in the southern Andes. Cruising the Laguna we will see dozens of icebergs fashioned by the wind and rain into monumental Henry Moore-style sculptures with such a vibrant electric-blue color that they appear to be lit from within.

Remote Lakes of the Southern Andes
From the sky, the water and on trails we explore magnificent geological landscapes, fjord-like channels and hike to precipitous ridges for the most sensational views of calving glaciers, waterfalls, floating icebergs and the highest peaks in the Andes Mountains.

Caleta Tortel
A tiny, remote hamlet situated at the mouth of the Rio Baker and at the head of one of many fjords poking into the Northern and Southern Ice Fields, Caleta Tortel was first colonized for its dense forests of aromatic ciprés de las Guaitecas. This small coastal town soon grew into a settlement of quaint wooden houses, each with its own jetty and linked by a network of walkways and bridges made of cypress posts whose heady aroma fills the air.

Chile Chico
A border town in the pampas country that is rumored to have been the hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Reserva Nacional Jeinimeni Park
This reserve is a wild, scarcely visited region of forests, glaciers and lakes, with a sizeable population of huemul (an endangered species of native deer). Its centerpiece is Lago Jeinimeni, a striking, indigo lake enclosed by thickly forested hills.

Sanchez Bay
Looping around Lago General Carerra along the Carretera Austral, offers some of the most striking views and spectacular panoramas of mountains and glaciers in the world. We bypass small farm villages along the way to reach our destination: a relatively unknown cluster of 10 small islands. It is a pioneer's paradise and ideal for kayaking. An enclave of marble caves gives luster to the scenic surroundings.

Heart Of The Andes Lodge
The lodge is a spacious 4000 square foot home to 6 select guests per week. Featuring far more than the ordinary comforts of home, each guest will have there own room with a queen size bed, full bath, living room area with a cozy wood stove, and a full deck on which to relax and watch hundreds of ducks, geese, and swans. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated. Open bar with 100 different wines are included.


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March through April 2006


Alternate departures and trip extensions can be arranged based on availability.

(4 to 6 people)
Includes lodgings, meals, guides, private transport, excursions, charter flights and float planes. Excludes international airfare to Balmaceda, Chile and aerial tour over Northern Icefield.

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