Team Moloney: EXPEDITION 8

Expedition 8 is among Alaska's leading backpacking, hiking, kayaking and sailing trip outfitters. Fifteen years of experience in the adventure travel field has taught Expedition 8 one thing: To create an exceptional trip, you need exceptional guides.

Trip Leader
Jon Carlson
Leading and guiding backcountry wilderness and rafting trips for sixteen years, Jon is a veteran in adventure travel, a gifted teacher, outdoor educator and personal trainer. He's led trips to Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Baja, Mexico, Patagonia, Chile, Transylvania, Romania, Croatia, The Pyrenees and Iceland. In 1994 he founded Expedition 8 with one purpose: To take those with an adventurous spirit on custom-built journeys to some of the most beautiful wilderness destinations on the planet.

Captain Laurie Lindsey
A long-time resident of Kodiak Island and sea captain chartering sailing excursions in Alaska and Canada for over 25 years, Laurie is an avid fisherwoman and owned a commercial seine salmon business. Her passions: fishing, sailing and charting new courses.

Suzanne Schmidt
A sport fisheries biologist for the Alaska Department Fish and Game, Suzanne has also worked as a marine mammal observer in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska and as a forestry specialist in Oregon and Teton National Park in Wyoming. Suzanne is specially trained and highly skilled at sea kayaking, navigation and safety and rescue procedures. Her passions: sea kayaking, mountain biking, skiing and distance hiking.

Donn Tracy
A sport fisheries biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Donn is a seasoned outfitter and guide. Donn's work frequently takes him into the remotest corners of the wilderness. His passions: kayaking, trekking, backcountry skiing and fly fishing.

Ingo Egilsson
Ingo has been organizing and guiding summer and winter exploratory trips throughout his homeland of Iceland for the last 10 years. An outdoorsman, skier and hiker, Ingo has forged new routes through places unknown and has established mountain trails where only he can go. He will lead trips to the most remote (and beautiful) parts of the country that are difficult to access. His passion: discovering hidden secrets in Iceland's remote areas.